Financial Partner

Lighthouse Ministry International is impacting many by taking people from darkness to light, from bondage to freedom, from giving ground to taking it back, and from losing to winning.

Please prayerfully consider supporting us financially by making a one-time gift or a monthly, recurring gift to us.

Our preferred payment method is to send us a check by mail, or by a bank check from your bank, if you pay bills online, by sending a check to the following address:

    Lighthouse Ministry International
    PO Box 120297
    St. Paul, MN 55112


For your convenience, you also may donate by credit card or by PayPal. This does however, cost us 2.7% of your donation. Both credit card and PayPal options are available by pressing the DONATE button below.

Thank you very much for your donation. May Our Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you as you have richly blessed us.


The Lighthouse Team